FREE Preview "Twisting Yoga Poses for Breast Cancer Recovery and Lymphedema Management" E-book

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Breast Cancer Yoga has just released Twisting Yoga Poses E-book as apart of our "Healthy & Hopeful Lifestyle" E-book Series. You can preview Twisting Yoga Poses E-books on our home page. We would love your feed back on the E-books.
Twisting Yoga Poses E-book Contains
“Healthy & Hopeful Lifestyle” E-book Series contain specific restorative yoga poses that assist in breast cancer post - surgical recovery, fatigue and lymphedema management. Also included is a breathing exercise which is an essential tool for reduction of stress, anxiety and depression. Complementary Therapies are suggested to further enhance healing FREE PREVIEW.
Purpose of Twists
Twists can boost energy when feeling tired or fatigued. When we twist, we literally squeeze tension and toxins out from the body. In twisting poses, our muscles have an opportunity to squeeze and relax, and once finished, the area that released will then experience a rush of blood and nutrients TAKE A LOOK.
Twists Yoga Poses for Recovery
Twists are valuable for supporting breast cancer recovery and for the repairing of breast tissue. Lateral movements that are inherent with twists encourage the lymph fluid away from the tissues toward lymph nodes which then circulate the fluid to functioning lymph vessels. If the lymph system cannot effectively drain, lymphedema may result SNEAK PREVIEW.

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