Yoga For Breast Cancer - Where To Begin!

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Where do you begin? 
Not everyone is disciplined enough to do their yoga at home and others thrive with a home routine. There are some easy suggestions on how to start a yoga practice with this understanding of differences. Start slow, make sure you create a practice that can grow as you regain strength and stamina. 
  • Find a place at home that is quiet and well ventilated. 
  • Set a time each day or every other day that encourages a routine. 
  • Find a competent yoga teacher that teaches to the cancer community or a special breast cancer yoga DVD
  • Dress comfortably, there should be no constriction for the breath.  
  • Eat a light breakfast at least a hour beforehand. 

Don’t be hard on yourself just persevere
It does get easier, and it is important to manage a self care practice. One of the many benefits of yoga therapy is that the practice awakens positive emotions, builds self-confidence and reduces depression. There is an openness of spirit that leads to greater understanding when the practice of yoga is embraced. This all can be achieved but there must be determination and fortitude.    

Yoga can be a lot of fun 
Enjoy every deep, slow breath while moving your arms, legs and torso. It is so important to evenly pace the movement with the breath. The breath is key to your wellness. It too balances the mind, body and spirit. It is the cosmic gas station.  “If the mind wanders the breath will follow.” Take it slow, take a big conscious breath, come into the present moment and just Be. 

Diana Ross, E-RYT500, CYT, Certified TriYoga
Founder, Breast Cancer Yoga

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