Alkaline Water For Yoga During Breast Cancer Recovery

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Alkaline Water For Breast Cancer

Alkaline Water and Breast Cancer Yoga will support a “Healthy & Hopeful Lifestyle” for breast cancer prevention and recovery. With this in mind, we have chosen an alkaline water system that produces the highest quality alkaline water available. Alkaline water compliments and should be used in conjunction with our yoga product lines (i.e. books, CD’s & DVD’s)
Alkaline Water Complements a Yoga Practice, we have found that staying properly hydrated is a simple necessity of overall health. We provide FREE Alkaline Ionized Water to all students before and after class. We believe alkaline water complements a Breast Cancer Yoga practice. Since introducing alkaline water to our community we have received positive comments about marked improvements in overall stamina, health, and recovery.

  • Microclustered:  After passing through an electric current, the number of water molecules will be reduced from a cluster of 12-15 molecules to 5. It is literally "wetter" water and can be absorbed into our tissues 5x more efficiently. This is an increase of as much as 62% more oxygen reaching our cells!
  • Anti-oxidant:  When carcinogens enter our bodies, free radicals are formed. These scavengers are "hungry" for an electron and they will create imbalance in our bodies by taking an electron from a perfectly healthy cell. It would actually be better if they killed the cell, but instead they mutate it and cause an area of our body, liver, kidney, skin, brain, blood, to become out of balance. Ionized water has been restructured to have an electron available to complete free radicals before they can cause harm.
  • Alkaline:  The minerals that our bodies require for the very basic function of digesting and assimilating our food are readily available in alkaline water because they are electrically charged(electrolytes). There is as much as 40% more calcium in this restructured water. Magnesium, potassium, and sodium are also increased. More people are becoming aware of the importance of having a more alkaline body and the role that your body's pH plays in overall health.

Most of our body is water so it makes sense to put clean pure healthful water in to replace what we expel.
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