Why is Breathing so Important in Recovery?

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Take A Deep Breath
We hear from time to time this familiar phrase ”take a deep breath” when we become stressed or over excited. Ever wonder why?  There are so many reasons as to why.  Taking a full, deep conscious breath has been known to settle us down when we are  nervous or upset.

Gain Control Of Emotional State
First step is to tune into your breath and become a conscious breather (as much as possible). The immediate result of tuning into your breath is the ability in obtaining control of your emotional state of mind. There is also greater (efficient) oxygen absorption and carbon dioxide elimination.  Now for the a positive potential results of facilitating recovery from surgery and beyond, is the ability to calm your nerves and invite relaxation. The immune system will benefit as well to proper breathing cycles. By conscious breathing we bring the mind/body state into balance and the nervous system runs with maximum efficiently.

Learn & Develop a Breathing Practice
Now how can we facilitate something that may be so challenging, especially when someone  has a  “monkey mind”, a restless mind that jumps all over.  If you can find a yoga teacher that specializes in breathing techniques or maybe a great breathing CD that introduces specific stress relieving breaths this would be most helpful. However, this could be the easy part, the real job would be the commitment to yourself to learn and develop a breathing practice. All I can tell you is that it is so worth it.  Studies support that proper breathing play a large role in recovery by balancing, energizing, and relaxing the mind/body connection.  Try it; it is for everyone.
By: Diana Ross, E-RYT 500
Founder: Breast Cancer Yoga
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