Backbend Yoga Poses for Breast Cancer Recovery

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Well Breast Cancer Awareness month is now behind us however, the importance of recovery remains steadfast.  We want to share the benefits of doing backbends and how they can bring about wellness. Typically in yoga there are offered in three stages, simple, medium and advanced, and it is recommended that they be practiced in this in order. This will allow for the back to adapt to the bend.  Please educate your muscles step-by-step.

These are Some of the Benefits of Backbends
  • Stretches spine and opens chest for increased mobility 
  • Increased shoulder’s ROM, which decreases stiffness or lessen Frozen Shoulder
  • Stretches breast tissues
  • Increases cervical and axillary lymphatic drainage, especially while consciously breathing deeply
  • Stretches lower body for increased flexibility of rib cage and thoracic spine
  • Post surgical benefits of reducing fibrous adhesions and scar tissue 
  • Great for strengthening lungs by way of opening the chest
Backbends and Yoga Props
For greatest relaxation and stress reduction, a restorative practice of backbends is commonly done in which props are used in many innovative ways.  Yoga props allow the pose to bring the body (here it would be the back spine) into proper alignment which create the subtle adjustments to assist in improving blood flow. The breath expands greatly when the chest is open, thus benefiting correct oxygen exchange and ridding the lungs of their residual stale air volume. 
Backbends and Breathing
A conscious and deep breath will physically bring increased circulation and lymphatic drainage to the breast area, moreover the breath has mental and emotional benefits of decreasing anxiety, fear, and depression, etc.
The best way to feel these benefits of breathing is to take time and try them.  It may take several tries over a period of time but the rewards are so worth the effort.  Breast Cancer Yoga has just released 5 easy to learn breaths for wellness.

Diana Ross, E-RYT 500
Breast Cancer Yoga

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