Benefits of Yoga and Lavender Aromatherapy

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Lavender Aromatherapy

Benefits of Yoga and Lavender Aromatherapy 
Breast Cancer Yoga and complimentary therapies can be both preventative and supportive in fighting breast cancer. Some therapies boost the immune system to counteract chemo and radiation therapy effects. They can also reduce nervousness and anxiety. We have included a  few therapeutic essential aroma hydrosol sprays. 
Lavender - Lavandula officinalis
Lavender as an aromatherapy that just fills the air with wonderful relaxing scents. Lavender contributes to emotional support that creates relaxation, lessens nervous anxiety and reduces restlessness. Softens the impact of stress. Also helpful for relieving insomnia and encouraging restful sleep, thereby reducing fatigue.
Lavender for Chemotherapy& Radiation Therapy
Lavender contains a particular keynote to help encourage relaxation before and after chemo and radiation treatments. To a large extent the aromatic fragrance of Lavender can stimulate the body’s innate healing powers, and when energies are low or have been severely depleted, Lavender is emotionally uplifting. This essential oil is specifically formulated with particular properties which help encourage relaxation any time when needed. 
Therapeutic Actions
Offers emotional support
Lessens nervous anxiety and restlessness
Relieves headaches from stress
Helpful for insomnia

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