Who am I?

Thursday, July 21, 2011

I’m Hywel Jones. Hywel is a Welsh name and is pronounced How-well. Not Huw-well, Hi-lo or any other myriad of variations. Mind, they still mis-pronounce it at the local pharmacy, even after I have politely told them that it’s incorrect. Still....if it makes them feel better bless ‘em. I use to work in industry until boredom and a need to intellectually challenge myself drove me to University. I gained a Science degree and followed that with a year’s teacher training. I taught in a Primary School for a staggering 18 months before being diagnosed with cancer.

I love film, reading and music. My wife will tell you differently. She says I like anything that I take an interest in, and when I take an interest, boy, I get stuck in. I read a lot and my current trend is Depression era gangsters. A bit of something light hearted to keep the cancer mood up-beat. All because of that pesky Bonnie and Clyde film. I watch a lot of films, the primary reason being that current TV drives me up the wall with it’s mundane ramblings and reality this, that and the other. Mind, I could always audition for the next ‘F**k me I’ve got cancer’ reality show.

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