Report from Mexico, D.F.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Here I am, on the hill of El Tepeyac, about 18 months after completing chemotherapy. Last time I was here, I was just starting to sprout little hairs on my body again.

My trip to D.F. was specifically to hold up my end of the manda Francisco made while I was in chemotherapy.

This photo was taken by Francisco Gonzalez on Feb. 13. That morning we rose early -- around 7 a.m. -- and marched from Calle Nezahualcoyotl to the metro station in the distrito historico to a stop just outside the basilica. We walked the route that is in the middle of the boulevard, a green pedestrian walk-way created to accomodate those making mandas and pilgrimages to la Virgen.

When we arrived, there were less than 40 people inside the basilica. After praying in the pews, I went down below to the floor below the tilma which displays the image of La Virgen that appeared to Juan Diego hundreds of years ago. To prevent lines backing up into the church auditorium, a moving floor -- like those moving walk-ways in airports -- is in place in front of the tilma.

After about 20 minutes riding back and forth on the moving floor to get a close look at La Tilma, we left. At the basilica gift shop, I paid for two masses: one to be said in the name of my father and another in Consuelo's name.

Then Francisco and I ascended the hill of Tepeyac. On our descent, we prayed at the Antigua Parroquia de Indios, the old chapel on the property. There, we prayed a full rosary to La Virgen.
That afternoon, I visited a brujo.

La Virgencita en la Tilma.

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